Auditioning Medical Students Elective Rotation Request

Students interested in rotating at Genesys Regional Medical Center, please fill out this application for a rotation. The Student Coordinator, will contact you after receiving your application. Please contact the specific program coordinator regarding resident rotations only. Due to the demand for rotations at Genesys, visiting students are limited to two (2) rotations per Academic year. Rotations are currently being scheduled. Enter Information into the fields below and when completed, press the “Submit ” button. This is considered an initial application for enrollment and does not guarantee a rotation.

It is a requirement of all programs that Boards are passed on the first attempt. Therefore, we will be unable to schedule an audition rotation if your answer is "no."

Desired Rotation
IM sub rotations may be used as an Internal Medicine audition rotation.
Please only select a second choice if you are requesting an audition rotation for Internal Medicine or General Surgery. IM sub rotations may be used as an Internal Medicine audition rotation and Vascular Surgery may be used as a General Surgery Audition Rotation. If you want to audition for two programs you must complete a separate request for each rotation.
Rotation Dates
Note: All rotations start on Mondays unless it's a holiday. Then, the start date will be Tuesday.
Contact Information

Please note that all correspondence will be done by e-mail and will be answered as soon as possible.