Current Pharmacy Residents

Rochelle Brual, PharmD


Rochelle Brual is from Carmel, IN and earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Purdue University. Her professional interests include emergency medicine and critical care. In her spare time, Rochelle enjoys reading, cooking, and watching dramas. 


Why Ascension Genesys Hospital?

What makes Ascension Genesys stand out is the pioneering, team-centric culture of their pharmacy department. Their PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program also offers great flexibility with rotations, and they have tailored my experiences to my goals and interests. I am also looking forward to developing preceptorship skills and creating a teaching portfolio through their PEDALS program.

 Paige Weaver, PharmD


Paige Weaver is from Davison, MI. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Ferris State University and continued with Ferris State University’s College of Pharmacy for her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has specific pharmacy practice interests in critical care, emergency medicine, and infectious diseases. During her free time, Paige likes to spend time with her family on the lake, listen to music and podcasts, and travel to many new and familiar places.


Why Ascension Genesys Hospital?

I completed two rotations at Ascension Genesys Hospital during pharmacy school, including advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE) in critical care and institutional pharmacy practice. The preceptors and members of the pharmacy team embodied a strong desire to educate, encouraging a productive and proactive learning environment. The PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Program at Ascension Genesys Hospital offers a wide variety of elective rotations in my practice interest areas and several rotations to help make me a well-rounded pharmacist. I am greatly looking forward to the opportunities that will be afforded to me throughout this residency year.