The didactic curriculum is a compilation of conferences, seminars,
laboratories, Journal Clubs and case studies to enable the Emergency Medicine
Resident to understand the basic science and clinical principles that govern
Emergency Medicine.


Monthly Academic Schedules


W e ekly Eme rg ency Medicine Conferences
Held every Wednesday at 7 am, except the 3rd Wednesday (SCS) ofeach month. Our didactic curriculum includes:
  • Core EM Text:  Rosen's Emergency Medicine with associated board-style weekly quizzes  
  • Core Lectures presented by EM faculty following the ABEM Core Content as well as from physicians of different specialties
  • Small Group Lectures by PGY Level
    • PGY 1:  Foundations
    • PGY2:   Foundations
    • PGY 3 & 4:  Foundations and Professional Development  
      • USACS Wealth Management Modules 
  • Morbidity and Mortality Case Presentations (Medical, Pediatric, & Trauma) co-presented by resident/attending 
  • Procedural Lectures based on Roberts & Hedges': Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine 
  • Safety: 
    • Nance:  Why Hospitals should Fly 
  • EKG Weekly: Amal Mattu
  • Podcasts: EM:RAP
  • Journal Club once per month involving in-depth discussion by all in attendance 
  • Trauma and Medicine Conferences held once per month 
  • Mock Oral Board Case Presentations and Board Preparation
  • Rosh Review
  • Ultrasound Curriculum online with EM Sono
  • In-service exam: ACGME in February

MSU-SCS Grand Rounds
Held the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Troy, Michigan and hosted by the Michigan State University Statewide Campus System. Presented by nationally recognized speakers who are noted for their expertise in a particular subject area. This Includes procedure laboratories and hands-on workshops presented in a small group format and designed 
to provide the resident the experience and psychomotor skills needed to perform procedures.

Nationally recognized past speakers include:
    Stuart Swadron
    Mike Weinstock
    Amal Mattu
    Greg Henry
    Kevin Klauer
    Diane Birnbaumer
    Peter Rosen
    Al Sacchetti
    James Webley
    Paul Auerbach

The labs include:         
    Ballistics lab
    Advance Airway lab
    Hazmat Lab
    Basic Ultrasonography
    Advanced Ultrasonography
    Cadaver Procedure Lab
    Advanced Slit Lamp Lab
    Confined Spaces Lab
    Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy