Letter from the Program Director

Mark VogelThank you for your interest in our Clinical Health Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship. On behalf of myself, and our attending faculty, Heather Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., ABPP, and Scott Nyman, Ph.D., ABPP, I would like to thank you for considering our program for your fellowship capstone training experience. The Genesys program has recently transitioned to a 1-year model, to better align with state of Michigan licensure laws, which require only a 1-year (2,000-hour) postdoctoral training experience and is consistent with APA postdoctoral training standards.

I would like to introduce myself, as I am the Program Director for Clinical Health Psychology Fellowship program.  I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, completed my doctoral training in Southern California, and then came to Michigan for my postdoctoral fellowship.  At that time, the program was part of St. Joseph Hospital and I was a fellow in the inaugural year for the program within the Family Medicine Residency.  As I was completing the two-year program, I was asked to stay on as a faculty member.  Well, that was over 30 years ago and I have never left!  I found what I was wanting in my career right here in Michigan.  Since then the fellowship has expanded and grown.  Our hospital has transitioned to be part of the Ascension Health network and in 1997 we moved to a new facility.

I can truly say that I love my work and have enjoyed being part of this hospital and the medical education program.  I am blessed to have dedicated psychology faculty, supportive physician colleagues, and a medical staff that values our work. They inspire me to work harder, create change, and improve our program to make it the best!  I am honored to have a role in mentoring our fellows over the years and am proud of the alumni that have passed through our program and are now in clinical, teaching, and leadership positions across the country.  It is a unique pleasure to connect with them at conferences, collaborate on projects, and hear about how they are applying what they learned in our program.  

Outside of work I am married and have two daughters in college.  I enjoy new technology, computers and gadgets.  I have been recently involved in videography and video editing as part of a project with Division 38 on Integrated Primary Care.  I have recently started to travel more and enjoy the hiking and backpacking when I get the chance.

We sincerely hope to meet you in person and show you our amazing Clinical Health Psychology Fellowship!
Should you have any questions regarding our fellowship program please do not hesitate to contact any of our program faculty:

  • Dr. Mark Vogel: Mark.Vogel@ascension.org
  • Dr. Heather Kirkpatrick: Heather.Kirkpatrick@ascension.org
  • Dr. Scott Nyman: Scott.Nyman@ascension.org

Thank you,
Mark Vogel, Ph.D., ABPP