Congdon Lecture Series

The Congdon Lecture Series is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month January through November.

Purpose: To update the physician’s medical knowledge, increase competence and patient outcomes through topics identified through needs assessments and quality measures.


  • January 13 - Unconscious Bias
  • February 10 - Cardiology
  • March 10 - Addiction

7:30 AM

Alcohol Use Disorder: Care After Inpatient Admission

Ismael David Yanga, MD


8:45 AM

Alcohol Use Disorder: Vitamin Pathologies in Early Recovery

Ismael David Yanga, MD


10:00 AM

Telemedicine-Delivered Treatment for Substance Use Disorders:

COVID-19 and Beyond

Lewei Allison Lin, MD


11:15 AM

Medicine for Opioid Use Disorder

William Morrone, DO


12:30 PM

Contingency in the Concept of Addiction: A Historical Perspective on the

Interaction Between Smoking and Mental Illness

Laura Hirshbein, MD


1:45 PM

Neuropharmacology Needed to Mitigate Methaphetamine and Cocaine

Addiction in the Absence ofFDA Approved Treatments before and after

COVID-19 Lockdown

William Morrone, DO



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  • April 14 -Infectious Disease
  • May 12 - Treating the Psychiatric Patient
  • June 9 - Pulmonary
  • July 14 - Hematology/Oncology 
  • August 11 - Preventive Medicine 
  • September 8 - Obesity       
  • October 13 - Neurology     
  • November 10 - Endocrinology


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